Fantastic short vacation with my gf

Mona and I went on our first vacation together this past weekend. Sort of.. 

We went to stay at a friend’s house in Fire Island this weekend. It’s a narrow barrier island just south of Long Island.  When on the island,  it’s only a ten minute walk across it north to south from the bay to the ocean. Very laid back, no cars, everything is so relaxed.

My friend was there but he did his own thing for a good portion of the weekend, so Mona and I were free to entertain ourselves. 

 We had a fancy dinner, lazed on the beach, took long walks, took an outdoor shower together (and separately too. Outdoor showers are amazing), lots of cuddling and even snuck in some advanced cuddling, did some cooking, watched some tv, bbq’d with my friend. Took LOTS of pictures.

I know I post a lot of frustration with Mona, but man we have so much fun together. Lots of laughter, we just love to talk to each other. 

We planned activities out ahead of time, but the gray weather on Saturday removed the water sports we hoped to do but the rest went off without a hitch. 

We needed some good us time. We even talked about getting a house in Fire Island one day (not that were can afford it now, but dream big, right?) But that quickly turned into just getting a boat instead. I get it, boat’s more useful. Still a financial stretch, but it’s nice to have the have those thoughts and conversations. 

It was costly but we were prepared. The vacation was just what “We” needed. 


  1. Glad you had a good weekend away! I like the boat idea myself – you can take it anywhere. A cottage is kinda stuck in the same place – very little variety.

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