Left a Pint of Blood in that Conference Room (I’ve been interviewing) 

So these past two weeks have been BUSY. I normally have to work like an hour extra every day. And I have to spend a few evenings uploading pictures from the previous weekend from my side job taking pics of real estate. 

And I’ve been interviewing. Last week was round 3 with Company A, where I came in, met someone briefly and was trained on their research data product that I would have to grab data from and present back to them in a Powerpoint deck at a later date.

But my presentation you them was postponed til today. That was a good thing because…

I had an interview with Company B last Thursday and they wanted me to analyze data and give writing samples over the weekend. I did that this weekend, reminding myself of some Excel formulas like vlookup and other concepts that I used to know. I submitted on Monday and they promptly told me they weren’t interested in me anymore. 

Ok fine. That was a stretch anyway. 

But now I still had to do the work for the presentation for the other interview. I pushed and pushed and crammed and practicesd. Visusluzed success and got into a positive frame of mind. 

The presentation was today,  and I did VERY WELL. I missed some points I could have hit, but hey, I had just learned their service a week prior. 

I had slept poorly all week. Now I can relax, it’s out of my hands. I’m not going to do any more job search activity until I get resolution on that. 

And yes… I’m GOING TO get a GREAT offer SOON! 


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