I can’t figure it out if I never start

So I’ve been interviewing. With Company A, I’m on the fourth and final round next week, which will include me doing a presentation with their data. That’s pretty standard in the type of client service that I do.

 I had one interview with Company B, on the phone. The next step is he gave me three writing assignments and a spreadsheet of data to crunch in different ways and answer questions. 

I wasnt looking forward to any of it. I did some work on my presentation for Company A to get a feel for the story I can tell with the data I found. I have umm at least Wednesday for that one.

The data Company B gave me is in Excel and my knowledge is back to basic since I haven’t used it in a while.

I was considering not doing anything tonight, I was beat from walking 8+ miles today taking pictures of real estate. 

But after a half hour of rest I did the right thing. They said it would take up to 3 hours you do the entire thing. BUT the Excel portion alone took me 5 hours. Maybe because it got late and I got sleepy. Probably because I was re- learning Excel, especially blasted vlookup.

At least that portion is done and tomorrow I can just write the essays and submit it. I’m so glad I got off ny ass.I couldn’t start to figure out Excel unless I started looking into the work. 

Procrastination is for suckas.

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