Change is good… and will pay for my vacation

So as I mentioned, next weekend Mona and I are going to Fire Island off the south shore of Long Island NY. Fire Island is a barrier island, mostly a summer community and the area we’re going to is pretty expensive. I’ve heard it described as “quiet money.” I know someone with a house there so we’re not paying for room and board. 

Now, I’m on a pretty strict budget these days but I figured if I’d cut back my spending further I’d be in good shape. Turns out, I can’t cut back much further and survive. 
Ok, option B was to use last month’s money from my side job. But honestly, I wanted to bank that but whether I spend it on vacation or bank it and spend other saved money on vacation, I’d still be out that money. 


But wait… what’s that in the corner of my bedroom? Why it’s a whole lot of change in old coffee cans. That accumulates. I’ve cashed in before and seen nice numbers. 

So I rolled a bunch up. 

BOOM. $400 at your service. At MY service, actually. 

I mentioned it to Mona and she’s matching my budget. So $800 for a couple to live off of for 50 hours. 

Parking alone should cost us $51 bucks. Ferry round trip will be another $38. That leaves $711 for meals and activities. 

I was anticipating bringing groceries to cook our own meals to save money. We still may a bit but it’s good to know we’re secure for the trip.

It’s only one day off from work, the Friday, but it’s nice to stay somewhere that’s not my or Mona’s house. With the sound of the waves in the background. 

There’s a beach 1 minute away, and a hot tub on premises and an external shower. 

I’ll take it. 

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