Is a $5k base increase + possible commission enough to change jobs?

So I had an interview this week.  It was an initial interview with HR and I came in very prepared and did well. It’s for a Client Services job similar to what I’m doing now; training clients, onboarding, driving all adoption of our services, working on client projects… but the type of market research it’s for is not what I currently work in but the industry I worked 7 years in, at the company I got laid off from 3 years ago (I was not in a CS role when I got laid off.)

Which is the industry I’d love to get back in.

The job is very similar to the CS role I had 7 years ago. I’m very confident I can do it and do it well. 

HOWEVER… the base salary is only $5k more than my current base.

HOWEVER… part of the job entails renewing client contracts and upselling other services of ours. Now, my service has been factored into renewals before, but I have never negotiated any sale or closed a contract before. Not that I can’t do it, but I never have.

So there’s potential for commission on top of my base (I’m only base, now.) She said possibly up to $30k more. Those were just the numbers she threw around. But that all depends on my performance renewing and upselling. 

They would of course train me. If you work in Client Services long enough,  eventually selling is going to factor in at some level. This isn’t cold calling, or “hunting,” these are warm because these clients already use some services already. To be honest, the thought of sales always made me nervous, but renewing/upselling  could be a good entry point. 

I’ve worked in sales environments for 14 years in support roles, maybe it’s time I give it a shot. The thought is a little scary to me, but hey… Get different results by doing something different, right? 

Going up a guaranteed only $5k doesn’t really excite me, that’s a little over $400 monthly before taxes, but the commission is a potential I have to consider.

Not sure if only a definite $5k base raise is enough to satisfy my gf Mona’s opinion of me as a go getter. If I earn commission to get me to $80-100k then this is a non-issue, of course. I mentioned it to her this weekend and she seemed ok with it. We’ll see for sure at our next joint therapy session this coming Saturday.

I have the follow up interview with the hiring manager on Tuesday where I could get more info. 



  1. Sounds like it’d be worth it if it’s the line of work you’d like to continue to pursue.

    I don’t get the feeling you love where you’re at. But if you think it’d be important to stay put to show continuity then in your current job. If you think the potential job can be a long term fit, I would go for it. I mean, I’m sure it’s more complex than that but on a simplistic level, those are my initial thoughts.

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