Nice to do the Right Thing

Happy Independence Day to you Americans! What did you do? See family, friends, fireworks? BBQ! You know what I did? 

Cleaned my apartment, studied the company I’m interviewing with tomorrow, uploaded pictures that I took for my side job taking external pics of real estate. 

All three needed to get done. I rarely get free non-gf, non-picture-taking free days, so I took full advantage. BBQ’s can wait and I’ve seen fireworks. And these things needed to get done. 

My apt was a danger zone, borderline disgusting. Now… it smells of cleaning products and candles.

I need to upload pictures every week in order you get paid. It takes a couple hours. SoI made an enormous dent in this week’s work. 

And of course, I needed to prep for the interview. I’ve actually interviewed with this company once before a year and a half ago. Same position too- Client Service, but they wanted me more for a product management job, but I didn’t want to work in PM anymore. In retrospect I should have….

But now, I have my CS sea legs back and this is in my old industry. I intend to crush this interview, then the next two and get a great offer.


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