I Was Wrong About Her

So a few days ago, I wrote She Can’t Even Fake It On Text where my gf Mona said she was “Eh” but didn’t go further about why, and I assumed it was about “us” because if it were about anything else, she’d tell me. 

Well, guess what? It was something else: about her ex husband and pressure with taking care of her kids. See? I was all assumptive for no reason.

We are all meaning making machines, as they say. And we are not always right.

We didn’t have much time together today but Mona made sure to apologize for not being more communicative this week. That was nice of her. 

We were both exhausted (me from walking 15 miles shooting pics in Manhattan the day before) plus we were waiting for Verizon to come fix her set up so we hung around and lazed in her two – person hammock. Got a little nap in there. I needed that since I was up late the night before at a guys dinner. And she needed it because she has young kids who wake her up often in the middle of the night. 

Anyway, NOW here’s the next hurdle: TWO WEEKS WITHOUT SEEING EACH OTHER.

She’s going on a cruise with her kids and her friends this Friday into mid next week. This may be the longest time we’ve not seen each other… also the longest time between oxytocin waves, ifyouknowuimsayin. So we’ll see how she is when she returns. 

Fingers crossed. 


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