I Do Not Look Like Bradley Cooper 

So a new barber shop opened on my block. Just 4 short buildings away. Oh joy of joys! This is it! I can even get haircuts on my lunch break. Booyah!  Young -ish, hip guys working there. Perfect. 

As of 3 days ago, I’ve had already gotten 2 haircuts there. I guess how I’m describing how I want my hair to be cut, they hear “very short.”

So 3 days ago, I googled pictures of haircuts to show him what I mean. Short-ish the sides, more square-ish as it rises from side to top, with enough length on top that I can crumple it a little.

Boom. Bradley Cooper. 

I show my guy, Dirk, the picture, explained it,  he got it and went to work.  Here’s how it compares: 

Ok, it’s still too short and too rounded as it moves from side to top (ok I realize the shape of our skulls might have something to do with that. But whatever, he’s a professional.) Perhaps in two weeks when it grows in a little, it’ll be in the realm of Bradley. 

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