I Want to be Star of the Month

I’ve been at my company almost a year now. Every month, the broader client service team that I’m a part of has a conference call and the leader of the call is my boss’ boss, Joyce. And on every call she announces a “Star of the Month”.

And that has never been me. Not me alone. Have I been playing it safe to do my job as well, but not above and beyond?  Havre I been year-long on leadership roles? Not often. 

In my last cotporate client service role I kicked so much ass, and got 2 awards plus a 40% raise once.This is a similar role.

I really have to step up a few levels. I want to earn this award. I want to succeed in this role. Now I need to act like it. I need to be proactive. I need to lean forward in it and put my foot on the gas. 

I am Star of the Month!

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