She’s Canceling the Weekend

As you may recall from yesterday’s blog post about my wanting to go to my buddy’s guys- only birthday party on me and Mona’s weekend, Mona is none too happy with me for being willing to take away from our little time together on a Saturday. (Even though she was originally ok with me staying out on Friday.) I didn’t stand up for her and say “fellas, enjoy the party. Saturday is my night with my gf so I’m unavailable.”

I really didn’t think it would be that big a deal. I thought she’d be all “no prob, babe. Enjoy!”

Or maybe I just hoped. 

But now she told me that she doesn’t want to see me anytime Friday, Satutday or Sunday if I’m willing you give up Sat 730pm-1130pm. Originally it was Sat 830pm-Sunday 1030am but I offered the previously stated compromise. 

But no, she’s not budging. She’s calling me and raising me. She now does not want to see me this weekend at all, but wants to see me in two Sundays, which is the next scheduled time we see each other after this weekend. If dhe’s not a priority to me then I’m not one to her, she said.

Now of course I have to be all “no no, we’ll have none of that” and be sure to see her this weekend even if I have to show up uninvited and text her all weekend.

But honestly, part of me really wants to not see her anymore. I can’t tell if this is just a fight or the end is near. The end may be near, given what I just blogged about our money situation

Eh… we’ll see what happens. I’m not budging from my plans on Saturday.

Sunday is the wildcard I’m sure she’s waiting for. I have plans to go to a friend’s bbq Sunday and would need to leave her at 2pm. I’m sure she’s waiting for me to say “my darling I’m sorry, I’m going to throw away my Sunday plans to have more time with you.” It would only be 2 & 1/2 hours more than what I’m offering, but I’m sure she wants that. 

Ugh, blogging about it is just getting me more mad.

Im gong to bed. 


  1. So be it. That’s not a show of compromise or her commitment to you on her part. It’s juvenile. Stand your ground and let it blow up on her. She’ll realize she overreacted. You tried to accommodate in many ways. It can’t be you always, all the time. We are adults, not children. You’re annoyed and mad now so don’t do anything drastic but she’s pushing your buttons and that’s not good in any relationship.

    Lol, makes me think of “we do not negotiate with terrorists”

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  2. It sounds like it’s always “her way or the highway”. It’s ok for her to go on vacation without you and it’s ok for her to have a ladies’ night with her friends… but there will be hell to pay if you do the same. She complains about your finances. She won’t let you meet her kids.

    C’mon, the sex can’t be *that* good. 😉

    She’s not valuing you nor compromising like any adult would.

    Stick to your guns: Go out with your friends and have fun. So what if you don’t see her this weekend? You can tell her, “C U Next Tuesday!”

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  3. She is very childish. I know blogs tends to be a place to vent in and thus in describing situations and/or people, we all may tend to highlight the bad in lieu of the good, but she actually sounds like a horrid person to be in a relationship with. I’m sorry.

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  4. Don’t let her stomp her foot and boss you around. This is ridiculous manipulation and her trying to get you to prove your love. DUDE! Do the shit you want to do and don’t let her do this.


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