Need to Make More Money

Well, Mona and I had the money conversation again.


She has her own business and currently makes more than twice what I make. She does very well. I can’t talk figures, obviously. I do ok. And I’m only at my job almost a year. Before that, I was unemployed for two. Yes, two years. 

So she feels I’m too occupationally unstable and I make too little to be a true candidate for a husband. Not that I need to make a huge salary but it needs to reflect the next level… or two. I need to be able to afford my share of life, not be so tight with my budget. 

At first, 9 months ago, I needed to pay off my debt in order to meet her kids. But now, I need to be more of a financial catch. 

Look, I get it.  Not about the kids but in the words of 80s/90s rapper Big Daddy Kane… “there’s no romance without finance.” Life isn’t cheap, no woman wants to be in a relationship with a guy who’s a financial burden. But I’m not her equal. Not that I have to be, but I’m not even close. 

So my question is… why the hell did she stay with me in the first place?  And what the hell are we doing still together? She’s staying on hoping I can turn things around quickly?

Geez, no pressure. 

As tensions mount, I don’t know how long we can be like this. She tells me I make her feel like nobody ever had before  (probably because I entertain her shit.) That we’re two pieces of a puzzle that fit perfectly together. 

Well, guess what? Sounds like we’re pieces in a Jenga puzzle and it’s looking migh-ty wobb-ly.

Well, I DO need to start looking for a job. It’s time, I got my year in, more or less. I need to move and see what else is out there.  So who knows what the future holds. 

Fun times, right? 


      • That face was for her, not you 😉 The guy I’m dating makes more than twice what I do, but has never once made a comment about it. As long as shit is taken care of, it doesn’t matter.


      • I think it’s old world thinking, personally. For example, let’s say she’s a stock broker, but meets someone who is a marine biologist. If he will never make as much as her, does that mean she can’t be with him? Will she only be with someone that will meet or exceed her income? Not all skill sets are cut out for that. At least you have a job now, which is a lot better than when you met 😉

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      • She doesnt need an equal paycheck in her man, she realizes that night be tough. But she needs more than whay i make now. It sucks in a way, but to be honest, i need more and this is good motivation. I can easily let grass grow under my feet, ski it actually helps


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