The Ex Coincidence

Ok… this is frickin NUTS.

Just today, I was thinking if an ex gf, Stacey, from, geez, 2004. It all started with thinking about my sister and her husband and how Stacey and I went on a double date with them. 

 Stacey and I had fun while dating. She even told me about this “Understanding Women” course given by the relationship seminar company. I did it and learned do much. We only dated 3 months. Stacey broke up with me because we were too different, yet we stayed in contact with the occasional email for a few more years (she even invited me to her wedding. I didn’t go.) Then we drifted apart. Now we’re FB friends. 

So today, I was thinking of Stacey, remembering fun times, wondering how she’s doing, etc. 

Now… this evening I was testing something for work where we had to create accounts using email addresses. So I created one with my work account amd one with my personal Gmail account. But I needed to create another account, so I used my previous personal email account, Hotmail, which I never use but is still active. 

So I go into my Hotmail so see if the account was created properly, and in my inbox I see AN EMAIL FROM STACEY! She was catching me up, she got physically separated but staying married, moved upstate. 

HOLY. CRAP. If I didn’t need to use my Hotmail for work I would have never seen it. But I happened to see it on the day I was thinking about her. 



2 thoughts on “The Ex Coincidence

  1. Now THAT is a really odd coincidence! And by moving “upstate” do you mean just north of the Bronx, or are you talking like Binghamton or Utica or even Potsdam? (I suffered -40deg F one winter night in Potsdam. THAT’s upstate. I got the heck outta town as quick as I could.)

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    1. Daaaaaamn. Potsdam is cold. She’s near Woodstock, not that far up. Ok. I’m certainly guilty of referring to parts barely north of Westchester as “upstate” but this is still further (by a bit)


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