Overwhelmed and Needing to be Responsible with Time

Times are tight.  

My team at work is down one and a replacement is not being hired. What we’re doing is training people from other teams how you do my team’s work. Seems like they’re saving $ on salary and having us do more with less. 

I’m learning other team’s work too, but if you don’t use it you lose it and I’m finding shifting gears from my work to another team’s takes effort. Maybe it’s self- created stress. The stress of doubt.

So with things being busy, I usually work late. 

BUT my photography side job takes more time than just the picture taking. I have to “curate” the pics first, meaning upload,  choose the best shots if I take multiples, ensure that I have the right pics for addresses… all that takes time during the week in the evening. 

On the weekends, I’m either taking pics or seeing Mona. I haven’t cleaned my apt in weeks. And things are getting bad. I don’t maintain cleanliness well. It always seems like I don’t have time because I’m rushing to do something else.

And I need to start looking for the next step in my career. 

I need to prioritize better.  I need to honor that prioritization. I need to put down my phone more. My game is getting bigger. I need to be bigger, expand my capacity and honor my responsibilities better. 

I have no time to be lazy or mopey or low energy. Not anymore. Rex has hit a new level.

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