Our Two Year Celebration

So as I posted a few days ago, Mona and my two year anniversary recently passed. I bought a card and wrote some sweetness in it. Also got her a few tchochkies and printed a Powerpoint deck incorporating various pics of us and activities were done over the year.

We also ate at the same restaurant where we had our first date. Same table too.

She bought tickets to one of those Drink and Paint events so we went there after the restaurant: 

I know, I know… My sand is too dark. 

I originally thought her surprise plans were something like this. Painting was amongst my guesses, but I then thought she went the dance lesson route. Guess not. 

It was still a LOT of fun. 

We didn’t drink much. I only had a beer. We both had a drink at dinner but hers was really affecting her so she only had a seltzer while painting. 
I love Mona. We get along so incredibly well. Our conversations are endless and we have ridiculous fun. She’s brilliant and just a good hearted person. Plus our physical relationship is still as energetic as ever. Looking forward to year 3.


  1. We can’t see the reference work, so who’s to say Mona’s sand isn’t too light? Point was you had fun doing it! Plus there was drinking involved, so there’s an additional handicap!

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