I can’t sleep with my gf

I’m not talking about the term “sleep with” as in… Advanced Cuddling. I’m talking about ACTUAL sleep. 

So Mona and I only get four nights a month together. We really don’t have a lot of time to find which sleeping position works. 

Correction… I don’t. She’s fine, sleeps like the dead. I, on the other hand, have difficulty. 


I’m not a cuddly sleeper. It gets too warm for me, I need space. And yes, we quote the classic Hug and Roll scene from the TV show Friends all the time: 

And Mona’s ok with non cuddly sleep. HOWEVER, I can’t sleep on my back. I just can’t for some reason.

Ok, no prob. There’s sleeping on my side or even my stomach if needed, right? Sleeping on my stomach is my preferred position at home. In my queen sized bed I can s-p-r-e-a-d o-u-t.

Mona has a queen also, but splitting it in two doesn’t leave much room for my arms to spread enough to not fall asleep. I’m all cramped up. And my arms seem to fall asleep easier these days. 

Oh, elusive back sleep, my white whale. I must conquer you soon! 


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