Two Years with my GF

Yep, I recently passed two years with Mona. I’m still with her. I haven’t blogged about her on a while.  I know some of my readers aren’t fans of hers. Everyone’s entitled. 

No, I still haven’t met the kids, which limits what we can do together and the frequency of seeing each other. We’ll need to have serious discussion to get passed it (past it?) I’m not sure if my career is still a big influence, although I’d think it is.I currently make less than half of what she makes. 

She originally said my debt needed to be gone first. It was pretty big but now I cut it by 65%. Ill be done by October. 

Buuuuuut, I’m pretty sure the kids aren’t taking to the divorce well and that’s still being dealt with. She and the therapist are very cautious introducing me. 

Plus, she won’t introduce the kids to anyone other than “the One.” Doesn’t want them to get attached to anyone who may still leave. Now, any engagement is still a while away money -wise.

We need to have the “money” conversation again to level set. But not this weekend.

This Saturday we’re going to the restaurant where our first date was. She then has a surprise activity. I’m thinking it’s Salsa lessons, which I’m looking forward to. I can move my hips well so let’s see where it goes. I don’t shy away from a dance floor. 


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