I WANT to go into the office all the time?!?!

So I normally work from home but I occasionally go into the office. Infrequently for work purposes, usually it’s because I’m doing something in the city after 5pm that day. 

Yes, it’s almost an hour commute each way, plus it’s $2.75 (I think) for the subway. But you know, I gotta be honest… I’d prefer going into the office. The fact that it’s a “No Fucking Around” zone probably has a lot to do with it. Helps keep me focused. 

But I do like being around people too – the camaraderie, the easy collaborations… even the fun. I’d rather be around people.

Working from home has many advantages of course, but in my upcoming job search, I’m going to use my powerful Jedi vibes to get a job in the office again… and to make a shit-ton more money : )

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