The Trash Talk Never Ends

So… a year and a half ago I wrote Male bonding: Insults and to prove my point,  there’s my pal, Stan. Stan and I were roommates 2006-2008. We met pretty randomly: a friend of mine Karen (a dog walker) knew his dog walker, Meg, and I guess through their canine connection Meg mentioned that Stan just broke up with his live-in gf and is looking for a roommate.  

He and I met, had a few beers and got along great… and I quickly moved in. Talk about a fun two years.  We drank a whole lot of beer, he cooked great meals,  we ate take-out too, we drank tons of coffee (new coffee machine) and we’d even buy each other a 40 ounce bottle of Bud whenever the other had sex with a new woman. 

And we bs’d, playfully insulted each other and talked trash non-stop.
But Stan was also a professional and I learned a lot from him.  He was fun and he also he had his shit together.  Great job, an assertive negotiator of salary, level headed, focused.  He introduced me to higher quality dress shoes (great investment.) A good role model for me. 

Yeah I just said that.  At that time I was eating it professionally and Stan opened my world up to being serious about a career.

The addition of key people can change life significantly. 

Speaking of which, when I was living with him, Stan meet someone significant too, Lola, his now-wife. I moved out,  cuz she was movin’ in.

(Grumble grumble)

Oh well. All good things must come to an end.

We’ve hung some since. They moved to Colorado and I saw them there too. I’m friends with his cousin who now lives in NJ.

Every week or so,  Stan and I text- occasionally we catch up, but usually it’s to talk trash. It’s usually of the “Dick!” Or “Sack Lover!” variety, but here’s the text I got from him today. It’s exceptional trash talk: 

Do women ever talk like this?


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