My Morning Mosey Commute

Normally, I work from home…

“Waitaminute, Rex. If you work from home but the title of this blog post is about your commute, that makes no sense! What gives?!”

Eesh, back off. Read on and it’ll make sense. Patience.

Anyway, normally I work groom home… HOWEVER today I had to go into my company’s office in Manhattan.

“Oooooooh. I got it”

Now, technically I live in New York City because I’m in one of the “five boroughs” (Brooklyn, to be specific) but since I live in outer Brooklyn, it still takes me a while to get into Manhattan (“the city” as we native New Yorkers call it.) 

I live near a subway stop, however it is a local train (many stops) and to optimize my time I normally transfer to an express subway line (fewer stops) to get into the city faster.

HOWEVER… today I got ready, got breakfast and got onto the subway EARLY. I don’t go into the office a lot, so I tend to run early to ensure I get into the office by 9.

FURTHERMORE… since I work from home normally, I do not have a card key to my office, and the receptionist does not get in earlier than she has to. So in the past, I’ve stood there knocking on our glass door until a Jane/John Earlybirdwormgetter opens the door.


But today… I’m running VERY EARLY and I got something on my local train that I’ll never get in an express train: 

A seat. 

So the algorhythm ran in my head, with permutations of time, subway lines and my office receptionist coming in.


It’ll take longer,  time-wise, sure. ButI can relax,  say some prayers, and most importantly… BLOG

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