Planning how to use my 2017 vacation days

Ok. It’s almost June. And I have 15 vacation days to take. 

Now, I’m living very economically so I can’t go on a full fledged vacation away to another city, state or city (one that I pay for myself anyway.) 

So where to? I live in the New York City area. Hmmmm. Do I just take a staycation and be a tourist in my own city? Or maybe I can do my side job a lot and make a good deal of money. 

Ot maaaaaaybe, do I find a way to make it work money-wise and go to my sister’s house in Fire Island off Long Island? Hmmmm. I went this time last year. But parking is expensive. As is food out there. Then there’s the ferry there. Oy it’s adding up. 

Maybe I can drive to visit family in Maine or Ohio. Probably $80 in gas. The there’d food.

Oy. Maybe I’ll just stay home, go to the beach, ride my bike a lot, meditate a ton. Visit people. 



  1. You gotta ramp up your mental abilities and get Travelocity to give you a free trip for 2 to the Grand Canyon or something. Practice, practice!!

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