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Planning how to use my 2017 vacation days

Ok. It’s almost June. And I have 15 vacation days to take. 

Now, I’m living very economically so I can’t go on a full fledged vacation away to another city, state or city (one that I pay for myself anyway.) 

So where to? I live in the New York City area. Hmmmm. Do I just take a staycation and be a tourist in my own city? Or maybe I can do my side job a lot and make a good deal of money. 

Ot maaaaaaybe, do I find a way to make it work money-wise and go to my sister’s house in Fire Island off Long Island? Hmmmm. I went this time last year. But parking is expensive. As is food out there. Then there’s the ferry there. Oy it’s adding up. 

Maybe I can drive to visit family in Maine or Ohio. Probably $80 in gas. The there’d food.

Oy. Maybe I’ll just stay home, go to the beach, ride my bike a lot, meditate a ton. Visit people. 



12 thoughts on “Planning how to use my 2017 vacation days

    1. I knew i should have mentioned her. We’re still together. She’s going on a cruise with her kids in July. I haven’t met them yet so i cannot go. And since I’m in tight belt mode, it’s not like we can even getaway very far.

      We HAVE discussed going to Fire Island. Room and board is free. We can bring food to cook and eat out occasionally, split parking, but that wouldn’t be until at least August or September. And just from Friday to Sunday anyway.


  1. You gotta ramp up your mental abilities and get Travelocity to give you a free trip for 2 to the Grand Canyon or something. Practice, practice!!

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