I generated a free cup of coffee with my thoughts!

Check this out…

For lunch I went into my local bagel store. Not for food but for a decaf (I’m limiting my caffeine these days. Plus it’s cold in my apt during the day so I needed something to warm me up.)

So order my small coffee from the owner. At that point,  I think to myself “Wouldn’t it be cool if he just gave it to me for free? They’ve never done that to me,  but I’m a loyal customer, and it’s just a small coffee.”

The owner,  James, puts the coffee down on the he counter.  “How much?” I inquire. 

“Next time.” He said. 

No. Effing. Way. I did that. I made that happen… with my thoughts. With my WILL.

Three Law of Attraction is real. And I’m a Jedi. 

What’s next? I think a tropical vacation is in order. 



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