“Hope all is well with you” is like saying “I have nothing more to say to you”

So, in Facebook I mentioned how I never saw the band U2 in concert. Then a former colleague, Andy, told me he has 2 extra tickets to U2 for when they come to the MetLife Stadium this summer. 

Whoa. However, I’m living lean these days and can’t afford the $250 for two tickets. So after two days I told him I can’t go.

“Thanks for letting me know. Hope all is well.”

Well that’s that. The official conversation ender. That means “I do not have ill feelings towards you but I have nothing more to say to you and I’d prefer to not have to try.”

I guess that’s true with light acquaintances. There’s only so much we can say before the silence comes. And we’re not about to start digging deeper like finding out about our childhoods or our biggest regret in life or anything like that?

Nope. We’re shallow friends. There’s nothing wrong with it. I can’t be close with everybody. And shallow we shall stay.


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