Oh my poor blog!

Hey all,

It’s been like 2 weeks since I blogged last. Ugh. My schedule had gotten crazy. 

Work is going well. We’re shortstaffed, so it’s extra busy. 

I’m still taking external pictures of real estate in the side as well.  Got some good stories that I’ll save for another blog post. That’s one day a weekend. At least two evenings during the week I’m uploading pictures. I need evening time to do things for my day job so hopefully I can manage my time better. 

The other days of the weekend I’m seeing Mona. 

Wow. I’m pretty frenzied lately.

Also, I cut my debt by 58% since September. 

Mona and I are doing well. I don’t blog about every disagreement we have anymore. It’s not a lot, mind you.  Thankfully. We don’t spend that much time together, like 3.5 days every 2 weeks. She doesn’t feel the kids are ready to meet a suitor yet so I’m relegated to non-kid time. 

Eh, such is life. I’m just trying to pay off debt so I can start saving up again.


  1. “Also, I cut my debt by 58% since September.” – – That’s HUGE! Shows hard work & dedication. By the end of the year you may be debt free!

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