I Have a Call with my Boss’ Boss Tomorrow

So my boss’ boss booked a half hour with me tomorrow. “My only agenda item is to see how you’re doing” 

Now, it’s NOT coincidental that she booked time with me now. Last week, I told my boss that I am a 6 out of 10 in overall job satisfaction lately because we’re short-staffed, working frantically and that I’m hurrying to learn more things before others leave the company. And I’m stressed about a project that I’m trying to get complete has hit snag after snag because IT can’t do everything I thought they could do and because I could have planned better to get clear on everything early in the process.

No, the timing is NOT coincidental. 

Now, my therapist says that I cannot, in any way, complain to my boss’ boss, about being stressed, swamped or anything like that. Management doesn’t want to hear it. It is not in my best interest to have them see me as a problem child. This could just be her checking in with me to help or it could be a check in to build a case to let me go.

“(Smile) I’m enjoying the challenges of learning so much quickly and pitching in. And my boss is great.” That’s the general idea of what my part of the call should sound like, per my therapist. 

I gotta say, I didn’t see it at first but I do agree with her. Don’t show my boss’ boss weakness. Don’t give her any ammunition to use against me. No manager wants a “case” on their staff. 

“I’m a company man, ma’am!”

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