I am such a loser

So I’m visiting my parents for 7 days. Today, my stepfather, Jim, told me an ugly thing he thinks about the family he married into 30 years ago:

We are all tremendous losers.

Excuse me, bigguy?

“You, your mother, your brother, your sister… you are constantly losing things, misplacing them.”

You know what, he’s right. I’m continually, occasionally misplacing things like my keys, wallet, phone, etc. I had not realized that was a family thing that we all do.

I mean, my mom is legendary for either misplacing or worrying about misplacing her pocketbook. She actually sleepwalks looking for it. It’s classic mom. And Jim, God bless him, had been handling it for 30 years. She’s now 73, he’s 80 and it still goes on. Too funny, those two.

Hi.  My name is Rex. And I’m a Loser.

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