Uncle Sam cuts my debt by 1/4

Yes! I got my tax return from my accountant.  I’m getting back $3,200 in total! I really had no idea how much I would get back.  I suspected a good amount since I only worked half of 2016 so I’m in a lower bracket, if that’s how that works. 

Anyway, I’m putting it all towards my debt, much to my lady Mona’s chagrin. To be clear, she’s not pushing me hard to spend on her/us, but I can tell she’s used to a higher lifestyle and I can’t participate in it at close to that level yet. She’d love to go on vacation with me.  I’d love to too. I CAN do it but that puts my getting debt free down a way. And this is weighing me down.  I need to be responsible and budget well, tighten the belt and beat this thing. 


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