I Create Stress

There. I said it.

I listened to Tony Robbins’ tapes back when they WERE tapes. I think around 1995. I was up late at night and back then his infomercials could always be seen at that time. So I bought the tapes. 

I remember he spoke about a “Success Thermostat” that we all have, a level of success that we’re comfortable at and that we’ll sabatoge ourselves if we get really cookin past that level so we stay there at x level. 

I would think there are many factors that go into this subconscious level we have for ourselves. My theory is that is all tied to self worth and what I believe I’m able to do. 

So at work lately, I’ve found myself getting easily stressed about things that I thought were tough and getting kinda paralyzed to the point where during the day I subconsciously arrange it so I get swamped by easy work that is low hanging fruit and at night I regret not working on the hard stuff and tend to work late catching up. Or sometimes it doesn’t get done at night, gets pushed to the next day and the cycle begins again and things might gets pushed days down the line.  It they might even get forgotten and buried.

This has happened throughout my career. 

I can see how this can be the Success Thermostat that I have set for myself.  I create this stress, procrastinate and catch up as opposed to just doing the hard stuff FIRST.

I need to “eat the frog” early, as my previous boss told me once. Do the tough thing first. 

Ok, I’ll be honest. I’ve stressed a lot most my life. Things seem difficult, I get paralyzed, then I play catch up if I can. 

Am I immature or just lacking confidence? Am I lazy or playing dumb in order to avoid responsibility and accountability in life? Am I unable to focus or unwilling? Any one of those sucks. 

Well, there’s nothing I can do about the past. I do know that turning the boat atound is easier than it seems. 

Tony says to get role models. Success leaves clues. Find out what makes people successful and put that into practice. 

That’s one step. I have people in my life that are good business and career role models. 

I need to focus on success and get over how afraid I am by high responsibility. I need to focus on strength, confidence, ambition, drive, focus. High value, abundance, fortune. Replace the negative thoughts with positive and keep pushing myself to where I CONSCIOUSLY want to go. 

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