Late for the Airport, a Parking Hook Up and Blogging from 36,000 Feet

So, I didn’t visit my parents for Christmas. They have been in Florida since 1998 and normally I see them three or so times a year, one of those times normally being Christmas. My step-father decreed long ago that as long as I don’t have a significant other, I need to be with them for Christmas, otherwise I need to be “home alone like a dog.” Which makes sense to me and I haven’t missed… until this year.

I have Mona in NY and wanted to spend the holidays together. We considered going to Florida together, but that was a logistical nightmare. Plus money was tight. Mom offered to pay for me alone but I wanted to make an adult decision, not be taken care of by mommy.

Buuuuuuut, I do need to see my parents. So she offered to pay again for a post-Christmas trip… and I took it. Jetblue now flies to the closest airport near her, to Daytona. So I went into my Jetblue account. I can work from anywhere and don’t want to burn too many vacation days, so I’m flying down and up mid-week and will be working from Florida for a few days then will have off a few days. It’s cheaper. So I chose a flight…

Wait… what’s this? I have Jetblue points? ENOUGH TO BUY A FLIGHT?

YEEEEEESSSSS! But now I have money from my mom. What to do? I kept it, put it towards my debt. Thanks mom.

Enter, my “cousin” Tom. Tom’s dad is my uncle’s best friend. I’ve known him since I was 7 or so. We call each other “cousin.” Tom’s a Port Authority cop and apparently, PAPD family can park in special parking lots at the airport free of charge. Nice! It takes a little extra to do but my car will be there when I get back to NYC. Free of charge.

So today, I woke up a half hour before I wanted to leave for the airport for my 9am flight, putting my alarm at 6:15am- Quick shower, last minute packing check… no prob.

But that did not happen. It took a lot longer : ( I left around 7:15am. Oy.

Thank God there was no traffic to the airport because it was early-ish in the morning. I was praying that everything would be ok. Thankfully I did a dry run on Sunday to see where the PA PD station is. I got there, parked. But I had to go to the main desk, take my car to an alternate parking lot and a cop drove me to the terminal.

First time being in a cop car, thankfully.

I checked in curbside with 55 minutes to my flight. I had one bag to check. But by the time I got through security, and bought a quick bagel and coffee, I got to the gate as we were boarding. As we were FINISHING boarding.



So here I am up at 30,000 feet, watching the Dan Brown movie “Inferno” using the airplane wi-fi to blog. Fly-Fi as it’s called. I know it’s been available for a while but still kinda cool.


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