Yes! I asked a valuable question at work! 

So these past couple weeks my boss told me that coworkers complained that I asked them questions to which I should already know the answer and was, in a way, wasting their time. 

We use Salesforce to track tasks and we have a new version and we have to get used to it. Things are on different screens and yesterday I realized that I hadn’t seen any particular tasks assigned to me lately. 

Should I ask coworkers where they are or shouldn’t I? How will it seem that I don’t know this? Back and forth, back and forth. Hmmmm….

Well, today on our weekly team call, at the end when it was “Does anybody else have any other questions?” I sucked it up and asked.

And it was a damned good thing I did. At least 2 others from my 5 person team was not aware of where to look. Maybe even 3 others.

YES! That felt like some nice redemption! I asked a good question! 

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