Holy crap am I exhausted

I’ve been burning the candles lately. And not even for fun purposes.

Working that 9-5. It’s going well, though last week my boss gave me a bit of a warning. This week is just busy, trying to ask for help less unless I REALLY need it, but stressing if I really need it or not, or if I should just think more of how I can do it myself.  Then time goes by and I still have to ask for help. 

Sometimes I tried to figure it out or took initiative and it backfired. Ugh. I’m getting trigger shy.

Then I communicate to my team that I was taking an hour in the morning to work in a project and not to be disturbed.  After the team ok’d it my boss told me I shouldn’t be doing that after I was almost over anyway. 

And I’ve had a cold for a week.

And I’ve been working my side job taking real estate pics for hours on end on my only free day of the weekend and I come home exhausted and can’t move. My apartment is a mess but I have no energy to clean. 

At night I’ve been uploading pictures. Like every weeknight for a while since I put it off for a couple weeks. Except this week because Google Drive tells me that my memory is gone and I’ve been deleting and deleting but haven’t moved the needle. 

My sleep was effed 3 days in a row last week.

I’ve had two cold sores in the past month. 

My gf and I haven’t kissed in forever between cold sores, me sick, her sick before that. I haven’t been able to work by her office in a couple weeks.  That really gave us some extra time. And we only really have a weekend every other weekend together which blows. Ok on the alternate weekends we have Sunday for 5 hours but it’s not the same. 

And… We haven’t advanced cuddled in a month.

I’m at my wit’s end. Need some time do get shit done. And some time to relax. And just more energy. 

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