Warning at Work

So… my new job isnt so new anymore. 7 months. I am still learning every day, asking a lot of questions, stepping up for things and trying to figure them out. 

I mainly use one coworker peer Jane for questions. She’s very senior in the job. Knows everything. I prefer to talk on the phone when I ask questions. I try to make them “good questions.”


Well, I have a standing weekly call with my boss, Terry. Today, he brooched a subject by saying “This isn’t easy to say…”

That’s not good. 

Apparently, I have been asking questions to which I should already know the answer. I do tend to check with people to see if my reasoning is sound, or if what I’m doing is right. I didn’t think it was that much, or eating Jane’s productivity. 

But that’s what my boss said. Someone was concerned about her productivity because of ME.

Wow, that’s not good. 

Now, I’m not going to dispute her point of view. I think it’s exaggerated but whatever. I need to be mindful and confident that I know at least initial answers. It wasn’t really a warning. Just a heads up. 

But probably was definitely a warning. 

I’m a little perturbed that they haven’t been coming to me about it. Confrontational conversations are tough, I guess. I do feel kind of alone now.  I mean, I DO work alone at home. But I have no confidante. I thought I did, but no. I’m on my own.

Having a talk with my boss isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I did a few jobs ago early on. Set me on a better path. 

It’s all good. 

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