I Can’t Rock to the 80s

So I’m 44. That means I was 17 when 1990 started. Which means… I LOVE the 80s.

Granted, I wasn’t in my 20s so I didn’t enjoy them to their fullest potential, but I love them nonetheless- The music, the movies, TV, the big hair, the styles, the sweat suits, MTV actually playing music videos, the seat suits…

A few years ago, Long Island venue the Nassau Coliseum closed. The NY Islanders hockey team had to move out, to Brooklyn. It was a big change in the area.

I’ve seen many a show at the Coliseum: Madonna, Phil Collins, Billy Joel, Sam Kinison amongst the biggest names.  Good times .

But wait, what’s this?  It’s re-opening? Ooooh, it was just under construction. Cool.

And yes, as a commemoration, Saint Billy of Hicksville will be the inaugural act.  Well done, Billy. 

Then… the other day… I saw an ad for another show at the Coliseum: Def Leppard, Poison, Tesla.

Holy Hair Rock, Batman! Great line up (though truth be told, I think I only know 1 Tesla songs, the re-make of Signshttps://youtu.be/jL0GLLFg62I

But still, Def Leppard alone would be worth the 80s while. And Poison? Heck, Talk Dirty to Me is one of my go-to karaoke songs.)

Except one thing… I’M LIVING TIGHT TO PAY OFF MY HUGE CREDIT CARD DEBT!!!!! A concert is not worth the exception.  It’s not. Especially when I need to visit my parents in Florida. I need to make that happen. 

(Sigh) Oh well. I’m going to put out into the universe that I’m open to free tix for this show, and let it do the work. I WILL make this happen. The tickets… or more preferably the


  1. I am 51 and LOVE 80s music. I was a huge concert goer back then, when tickets were $12. I am from the Philly area so I saw a tons of concerts at the Spectrum before they tore it down. Concerts are so expensive, I just cant justify it until I am back on my feet financially as well. The one big one I will NOT miss is when Genesis reunites. That will be worth the $. My big favorites are Genesis, Billy Joel, Rush, but I have seen so many more over the years. I miss those days.

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      • Most ’80s Hair Rock is not particularly impressive, so I get it. Poison is pretty ‘meh’ for me.

        I think the reason so many of us dig the rock music from that era has more to do with the memories associated with the songs than with the songs themselves. I listen to retro rock stations in the car when I drive, and there have been many times something from my tweens has come on the radio and I’m like, “I used to live that song… And it’s kinda crap. No wonder my mother was constantly rolling her eyes at me!” ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  2. I feel your pain! I saw Def Lep a couple of years ago and they were sensational. Sadly I didn’t get to enjoy the “Holy Hair Rock, Batman!” (I’m shamelessly nicking that, btw) as I was too young in the 80s. But I live through it now with every fibre of my being. The best decade for rock. If you can’t make the show you can always blast “Hysteria” and pretend you’re there! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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