Thrifty Rex is Not As Generous 

So for eleven years… ELEVEN… I’ve owned children in Ecuador.

Ok, perhaps “own” is the wrong word. I’ve sponsored them with a monthly donation. It all started eleven years ago, I was walking though Manhattan’s Union Square, going to (or from) an interview. This children’s org had people in the park telling passers-by about their needy kids and how $x a month could help them get food, clothes, etc. 

No… it was not the charity associated with Sally Struthers, but something like that. 

Anyway, it was a guy that approached me. Very amiable fellow, I remember thinking that he looked like a friend if mine. 

Anyway… needy kids, monthly payment, yadda yadda yadda… I was in. I was not making great money at the time but I do like a good cause. And a good tax write off.

ELEVEN years later, I’m still in. Or rather… WAS. 

My credit card was expiring and I was on the phone with them about to update my card info. When all of a sudden, it hit me that I am trying to cut back these days so I can pay off debt. So off it went. 


That’s another $25 (as its grown to) per month back in the ol pocket, thankyouverymuch. I’m getting a hang of this frugal thing. 

Lo siento, Ecuador : (


  1. Very commendable for sure. But I understand budgets as well. I used to make a bunch of donations to animal organizations and national parks. Ever since I became single, I cant afford it. My goal is to work towards getting back to making those donations again.

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  2. Are you even sure it was a legitimate children’s benefits organization and not some group just out to bilk people? Either way, you’re better off having dropped it.

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