Distracting with Wisecracks

So…. I’m a funny guy. I have been known to make people laugh.  It’s my “thing.” Probably harkens back to my early youth… a skill I had/ developed to cope with the world. 

But how often do I interject jokes intoeveryday conversations? A LOT.

Just today, at work we were having difficulty deleting files and I almost replied “My ability to delete has been deleted” But I stilled my tongue (fingers, really, since I work from home and we all use Skype text.)

I was raised on sitcoms. Damn, I watched a LOT as a kid. They make every third sentence a joke. Left to my own devices, I can do that too. And I think I do. Like Chandler Bing (whom I’ve been compared to.)

Damn, that’s gotta be annoying. 

Just the other day, Mona asked me to say “I love you” more seriously. Not always but sometimes she’d like me to be more serious… not a wisecracking guy who literally dances around quite often (I’ve always got some groove going on.)

Background: Mona and I text our goodnights every night. “I love you,” “I miss you,” “Can’t wait to see you!” etc with all sorts of emojis, including the kissy smiley face. And relatively early on, in person we imitated us doing that but vocally, so it gets real cutesy “Iloveyouuuuuuuu” “missyoubabyyyyy kissyface kissyface kissyface” etc. 

And I admit, I do that a lot in front of her. God, I’m such a goofball. And she’s still with me. Good thing I get the oxytocin flowin. Or maybe it’s because of that. 

Either way, cracking wise can often sidetrack a conversation, as if saying “that’s nice but look at what I can do!”

Ugh. Just one day I want to go the whole day without a gratuitous goofy comment, verbally or written.

Ok. Challenge accepted. My Facebook friends will be upset but they’ll get over it.

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