Where For Art Thou, Oxytocin?

I attended an “understanding women” course put in by women 10+ years ago. Very enlightening in many ways. One topic that I learmed about was the bonding hormone, Oxytocin. Oxytocin is released at orgasm, I believe, and women develop bonding feelings with whomever helped produce the oxytocin (and maybe even who was just near her at the time.) This bonding feelings will be with her for 2/3 weeks. 

So keeping the oxytocin flowing every 2/3 weeks sounds like a good thing for a relationship. 

Now, Mona and my advanced cuddle time has been less frequent lately than normal due to illness or just not being able to see each other.  So it’s been about a month in that end. 

And lately, I find us arguing more and more.  I don’t think it’s a coincidence. Is it the only factor?  Probably not. But it certainly isn’t helping. 

And actually now that I’ve written this out, this sounds familiar.  I think I’ve written this exact post before.  

Oh well. 

By the way oxytocin is released from many things, like (basic) cuddling, massages, yoga, laughter, gun shooting, etc. 


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