After over a year… We FINALLY watched something other than Game of Thrones! 

That’s right! I’ve been a HUGE GoT fan since season 2 but until she met me, Mona had never seen an episode. 

And we’ve now watched every episode together, which took over a year. Without watching anything else. No other tv shows, no movies on TV. Every TV watching experience has been Game of Thrones.  

Well now she’s /we’re all caught up, she’s seen through season 6 and loves it as much as I do. Well, maybe not THAT much (but loves the Targaryen socks that were part of her Christmukkah gift.)

And so, we can FINALLY watch something else on TV. And as a quid pro quo, she wants me to watch every episode of the USA Network show, Suits. We’re in season 2 and I’m enjoying it throroughly. No… it doesn’t have decapitations, ice zombies or dragons… but it’ll do. 

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