My Bag of Random Cables Comes Through AGAIN

So I’m 44 and over the years I’ve owned various electronics, some of which I still have, some I don’t. Some I saved parts: Cable wires, USB cables, extension cords, charging cords, etc. I keep them in a plastic garbage bag which is tearing in places.  I should swap in a new one. 

I believe I’ve moved seven times in my life. And every time my bag of random cords has traveled with me, and has grown. 

Do I need everything? Probably not. Has it come in occasionally handy? Heck yeah! 

First of all, extension cords (single and multiple outlets) are always good to have. No brainer. But every now and then I’ll find something else handy. 

So… last month I bought a printer/scanner.  Work paid for it for my “home office.” Thanks, company. 

This weekend I got around to setting it up. Installed software fine, plugged the AC cable- check. But, there’s NO USB cable to go to my computer.
What? It’s not a wireless printer  (or maybe it is and I haven’t realized it.)


Wouldn’t you know it! I had a random cord- USB on one end… printer input on the other. 



  1. A good way to store cables & cords is inside empty toilet paper tubes. You can write the specs on the tube (length, equipment, etc.) and they don’t get tangled up. I keep mine in a plastic storage box with a lid. I don’t think I need all of the charging bricks that we somehow accumulated over the years, however.

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