Can Anyone Drink Just One Glass of Wine? 

I like my alcohol. Not that I drink to get hammered anymore, but I’ll have a few drinks when I’m out.

However, this weekend I stayed IN. I received a couple bottles of wine for Christmas. It’s doesn’t drink itself, you know? 

So I opened the bottle of red (whatever it was.)  I had one glass as I was watching whatever on TV. But one turned into THREE.

Sunday I finished the bottle, so three+ more glasses. 

Glasses of wine are like potato chips: I can’t have just one (while drinking at home, anyway.)

Is anyone else like that? Or should I go to a meeting? 

One comment

  1. I prefer a dry Merlot, myself. And yes, 2 or 3 glasses at a time is all good, Sir! Of course, I’m at home and not driving anywhere, either! 🍷

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