Proud that I Pushed Myself Working

So the friend whom I have a side job with taking real estate pictures didn’t want me to take anymore in December, said I was too slow and that he wanted to do a training day so I could see his tips first hand to speed up the process. 

That training day was to be this past Saturday. However, there was a big-ish snow storm in the northeast. So he cancelled it.

But I wanted to still try. He said I could if I wanted. But then the storm happened. Did I really want? I had to dig out my car, didn’t know how the roads were (had to drive 20 minutes here in Brooklyn,) it would be taking away from me and Mona’s only day this weekend (4 hours only), who knows how the parking was when I got there?  Plus it was BELOW 20 DEGREES! I had every right to not go. 

However, I do need the extra money. I’m committed to push myself.  To work hard. And Mona supports me. She had stuff to do too.

So I went to Brighton Beach, Brooklyn. I chose a block that would be towards the end of my route to park. 

And I found a spot! Ok, step one done. 

As I walked to the beginning of the route, The wind was whipping on my face. “Ok, this is bad, I can turn around, go to see Mona.”

No, just get to the beginning of that route and see how it is. 

I got to the beginning. Looked familiar. “WAIT… I took this block of pics before! Ugh! Ok, NOW I could surely leave. Time’s ticking and it’s not meant to be.”

Wait, will leaving push my commitments forward? No. So I went to the next block of houses to take pics of.

And off I went. I wore long underwear and boots, and new gloves with the fingers that work in touch screens. I was prepared. And still, it was tough especially when the wind picked up. But I kept going. 

Another block.  Then another. Two + hours later, I started to not feel fingers and toes.  But I pushed for one more block. All the way to the water. This is the south shore of Brooklyn, which is on Long Island.

Ok then the cold got bad. I was by the water. Duh. Of course it got bad. But I was starting to feel it in my body. And just sore all over.

2 hours, 15 minutes isn’t 5, but it’s more than I’ve done in a while. 

I pushed, and I’m proud of myself for it. It was a good day.

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