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Does anyone else have an aversion to opening their physical mail right away? 

I don’t understand it. I receive mail. I take it out of my mailbox, I bring it upstairs to my apt. And quite often I put it on my dining room table/ table I work from, or my coffee table, or my kitchen somewhere… and I just leave it.

It’s not like I’m avoiding debt collectors or subpoenas or anything that will bring me bad news. I don’t know what the heck is wrong with me.  It’s like mail brings me anxiety.

But why would that be? Ugh. I’m weird.

I’m going to turn over a new New Year’s leaf. I’m going to put it in the same area every day.  An accessible area. And I’m going to go over it after work. That will be my ritual. 

Does anyone else have an unexplained aversion to opening mail?


6 thoughts on “Does anyone else have an aversion to opening their physical mail right away? 

  1. I open mail if it looks pretty. Victoria’s Secret mail is opened religiously…..American Express sending me a card trying to get me to sign up is a negative on the mail opening list. I know what the packaging looks like for my bills. If it isn’t interesting or a bill, it doesn’t get opened. It gets shit canned real fast.

    Open your mail this year, pal. 🖤


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  2. Junk mail gets tossed immediately. Usually gets left in the recycled paper bin in the garage. After that, it gets sorted – mine or the spousal units. I like to get mine opened and have some sort of decision made on it right away. The spousal unit has some other system that involves the height and/or weight of the stack and some indeterminate threshold that triggers action. Or maybe it’s the cats scattering her pile across the kitchen that gets it done.

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  3. I usually open my mail right away especially if it’s a bill. Everything else can wait until I start getting clutter. Anything with my name on it or a credit card application gets shredded.


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