The 30 Coincidence… RIP William Christopher, MASH’s Father Mulcahey

Sadly, William Christopher passed away on New Year’s Eve 2016. He was best known for playing Father Mulcahey on my favorite TV show of all time, MASH. 

For a while in the early to late 80’s, MASH was always on in syndication at 11pm and I always watched it. I must have seen every episode 5 times.

Huge fan. 

Rest in peace, William. Thanks for the entertainment.

Now, on Jan 1, I was parked in Mona’s neighborhood in front of a random house a few blocks away, waiting for Mona to text me that her ex picked up the kids do I could go over. So I was listening to sports radio while tooling around on my cell phone. 

I remembered that William Christopher revived the Fr Mulcahey character for the MASH spinoff, AfterMASH. How long was that on the air? Hmmmm… I opened IMDB. 

On the radio, a commentator was talking about a player doing something for THIRTY games. At that moment I read that AfterMASH was on for THIRTY EPISODES!!!!!


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