My 3 year old niece throwing a tantrum might as well be a condom commercial

I was over my friend Darren’s house the afternoon of New Year’s Eve. I’m godfather to his 3 year old, Lauren and she normally loves when Uncle Rex comes over.

As I walked in, Lauren had found the ice pack that Darren’s wife, Judy, had been using on her mouth so soothe the pain from oral surgery the day before. Judy was asleep in the bedroom when I walked in. Lauren was running around with the ice pack, licking it. 

After I took my shoes off and said my hellos, Darren chased down Lauren and took the ice pack from her. And she COMPLETELY LOST IT. 

Screaming worse than I’ve heard in any horror movie, kicking Darren violently so much so that he had to lay her on the couch where she continued for SCREAM at the top of her lungs and pound the couch with her legs. I looked at Darren and simply said (with my best tv commercial voice-over voice)  “Are you sure you’re ready for children? If not, buy Trojans”

Of course it was. When one parent does something she doesn’t like… call for the other. 

Eventually, poor Judy woke up and got her. And of course, Judy stopped screaming within seconds. 

I’ve been around kids enough to have experienced this many times before. (Heck, I can guarantee I WAS one of them)

.) Kids getting the concept of not always getting their way is certainly a STEEP learning curve. And for ME to see it a lot, parents must get it all the time from some of their kids at certain ages… I know many reading this are nodding along. 

Now, I know there are infinite great things about having kids. But seeing this outburst makes me a slightly less sad that I don’t have kids of my own.


  1. Having children is the best thing I’ve ever done. Do I love every moment? No. Is it easy? No. But it certainly isn’t the pits and there are much worse things than a screaming child.

    It’s good, though, that you are feeling better about not having kids.

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  2. It’s the age for it. The “Terrible two’s” stretch well into the kids 3rd year.

    Survived it with both my boys. Now I get to enjoy them going through it with their own kids. It’s funny, when we sit for the grands, we don’t get much of that temper tantrum crap. They’ve tried it, but maybe we’ve learned how to put out that “don’t give a shit” vibe that they can see they’re going no where with their little stunt.

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  3. Kids act differently with their parents than with other people. Just like adults act differently with their coworkers, family, spouse, etc. My kid saves 90% of the fits for me, but 90% of the time I will ignore it and it stops 😉

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