Dammit! I overcooked steak!

Ugh. What a waste!

Ok. I rediscovered my George Foreman Grill two weeks ago. Easy, quick, easy to clean. I’ve cooked london broil (I think) and chicken breasts in that time.

Today, I wanted pizza.  Really badly. There’s so much in my neighborhood in walking distance. HOWEVER, I’m committed to save money, and for the same amount I could buy food to cook to eat over more than one meal. 

 So I bought London Broil again, intending on eating a bit for dinner but saving some to eat for two+ lunches over the weekend. I even marinated it first.  This was going to be good.

I usually like my steak medium rare to medium. I don’t go by the suggested cooking times. Actually, I’ve never looked at them. Hadn’t dawned on me. I just cut it open occasionally and eyeball it. Sounds like a solid plan, right? 

Well, I’m starting to realize that what I think is borderline raw while it’s cooking is actually medium rare. I let it go what I thought was just a bit more and I got this instead

That’s medium -, maybe medium well +. Probably 30 seconds too long. Eating the bit tonight was fine but microwaving it on future days might make it all well-done.

Oh well. It’s not burnt through and through. Live and learn.

Happy grilling all! Thanks George! 


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