So, I think I can confide in you, good blog reader… I’ve hit a lull and I’m writing to out myself and get back on track. 

Now, of course things are going great with Mona, and the not-so-new job is going well too. However… I can see that I’m slipping in places. 

Over the past few weeks I’ve gotten fairly blah. I’ve been procrastinating on some tasks, getting anxious over things that really aren’t a big deal. I’ve indulged bad habits. I’ve forgotten good habits. I’m not taking online classes to better my skill set. I’m forgetting to do obvious things. 

I’m not me at my best. Sloppiness is my sabotaging my progress.  I’ve seen it happen many many times before. 

I’m not going to go into analysis paralysis and go into why I’ve gone down this path. The key is to realize I’ve started to slip and recommit. 

I need to (re)start:

-working out regularly 

-yoga twice a week/deep stretching

-practice on my piano keyboard


-positive visualizations

-always be aware of the grand total of money that I have

-be on a budget

-take vitamins

-keep my apt clean

-wear a wrist brace/elbow brace to rest them

-see a dr about my wrist (I may have carpal tunnel)


-look into another blog/website I have an idea for. 

-writing my daily wins 

-going to sleep/ lights out by 10:30pm

These practices produce a better G Rex. It’s time for this caterpillar to go into his cocoon.

Tally ho!


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