It’s Christmukkah, not our anniversary! Whew!

Ok, so this year, Mona and I decided to go light on the Christmukkah spending. Ok, truth be told, our therapist mandated it. 

(Yes, for you faithful GRex readers, I’m seeing that therapist that she goes to.  The one she demanded me see. We see her separately, not as a couple. I got the ok from Joan the therapist to eventually meet the kids, when Mona is ready. She’s confirmed that I’m not a child molester. Plus, I’m awesome with kids.  I’m a professional uncle. I know… step-fathering is different but I’ll be ready. 

Joan prefers to mediate between us for couple-y purposes, like prepping me that Mona has x concerns…but I told her I don’t want her telling Mona ANYTHING that I tell Joan, that I’d prefer to speak with my gf directly, that if we can’t communicate and need to play telephone to voice our concerns, then that says something about us as a couple. If Mona wants to know something, she’s free to ask.

Truth be told, the therapist is doing well by me. Pushing me too keep me motivated to succeed.  Because of her I’m moving over debt to 0% cards and hacking away and staying focused on getting a side job to help pay off my debt. Which I need help with because that’s something I REALLY don’t want to do. My photography side job is on hold.)

That was a long aside.

Anyway, Mona and I decided to buy each other a ticket to a Broadway show. $75 each. The therapist approved the expense. And I wanted to get Mona a few tchotchkes like another $30. That was also approved by the therapist. 

(I’m not quite sure I’m happy with this situation getting things approved but she is helping me a good deal.)


Lsst year I made a bound printout of a Powerpoint preso with collages of pics of us throughput the year. DAMN, I should do that again. Not DAMN as in I don’t want to do that, but DAMN I waited for the last minute.

I opened up the previous ppt on my computer, looked at the new pics from this year…

Waitaminute… I gave Mona the bound collage for our one year ANNIVERSARY… not for Christmukkah. WHEW that’s a load of my mind! 

One less thing. 


  1. I don’t understand why you need to get things approved by the therapist?!?!?! That is NOT what a therapist is for….yikes! Oh my, I don’t know how you put up with this Mona…but I wish you the best!

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