Sneaking sushi into the movies

Yep. Not a sandwich… not a burrito… SUSHI. Ah 2016.

My friends and I were out having a few drinks then went to see the new Star Wars movie (eh.)

But there was a question of what to eat for dinner. My friend Smitty suggested we eat sushi, he knew of a decent sushi dive near a subway station near the movie theatre. “Ok, we can eat quickly there then go in,” I proposed. 

“No, we can bring it inside the theatre.”

“Excuse me, what?” Yep, it’s 2016 all right, where we’re now sneaking sushi into movie theatres. 

Smitty didn’t try to hide the bag, with its trademark smiley face on it. The usher said “What do you have? Food?  Any drinks?” No.

And in we went.  Who knew food from outside is allowed in? And as luck would have it, these were plush seats with retractable tables.

A new age is upon us.


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