Ill prepared to shovel snow : (

So I spent the weekend at Mona’s house. She’s sick so our cuddling stayed basic… no advanced cuddling, and it’s been 2 weeks already, ifyouknowui’msayin’. Eesh. Damn our schedule. 

Enough of that, that’s not why I’m posting.

So, on Friday, we had take out and watched 3.5 Game of Thrones episodes and went to bed. Then next morning we slept in. But I always wake up early, around 7am so I did my best to snooze a couple hours. 

When we got up, I almost instantly went on Facebook straight away and I read friends’ posts and… wait.  What’s this? Snow?

Off to the window I went. Yep. Snow. Wonderful (sarcasm.) 2-3 inches. Enough to need shoveling. And then I realized that “Do you live on a corner property?” should be a dealbreaking question. 


Now, I’ve shoveled a lot of snow in my day. I’m pretty sure that’s why people have children in the first place- so they don’t have to shovel snow anymore. 

But… I was not prepared for snow clothing-wise: I was wearing Sketchers sneakers, not boots. And my gloves were cloth, I hadn’t put the winter gloves in my coat yet. 

(Sigh) Well, ok. I’ll make this work.

The snow was melting already, slushy and heavy. So her corner property was more of a challenge. Towards the end it was a little painful on my back and upper legs and I could feel discomfort around the ol hernia scar.

And I accidentally stepped in a deep puddle. Ugh. Well, since we wanted to go out later, I needed my shoes dried sooner rather than later.

So I put then in her clothing dryer. For the entire cycle. Soooooooooo, when I took them out they looked like

Damn. Well, they were old anyway. I’ll try to glue it back on, or will take that track off entirely. 



  1. I’d try to feel bad for you, but we’re up to 40 inches already this year. Had the snowblower out 4 times so far – more than all of last winter and really, winter doesn’t even start till Wednesday!

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