The Girlfriend/Batman Coincidence

This was weird…

So tonight, for the hell of it, I put on Batman vs Superman as I’m winding down tonight, getting ready for bed. 

Simultaneously, I was texting Mona good night. “Love you!” “Miss you!” “Can’t wait to see you!” All that good stuff. She mentions that she’s in bed watching tv, I said I can’t wait to watch tv in bed with her. 

Simultaneously… there’s a scene going on where Batman first meets Superman. There’s a quick confrontation and Batman asks Superman “Do you bleed? (Superman flies off and Batman says) You will.”


So I look down at my phone and I see this text from Mona:

(Meaning I will watch TV in bed with her.)

I swear to God, that just happened. Freaky, right?

I really can’t believe I created that instance of serendipity. I’m a wizard! A sorcerer!



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