Hospitable and Groggy

I have an older cousin of the same name… “Big Rex.” Maybe 12 years older. He lives in Florida.  

Over the past 5 or so years we’ve gotten closer, mainly because of Facebook, commenting and such. I like him.  He’s entertaining, even if he is s very type A arrogant know-it-all.
So he’s in NYC this week and I’m hosting Big Rex and his wife, Shelley. Yes, I have a one bedroom apt but I have a pull out couch.  I give them my queen bed and I sleep and I’m on the couch bed. 

Sleep isn’t easy on this thing.  Not that it’s so uncomfortable, but… ok it is. 

Oh well. We’re making the best of things. We visited some other relatives. We went to a model train expo on Saturday

Today, we went to Dyker Heights, Brooklyn to see their famous houses decorated with Christmas lights

They bring dessert, they pay for meals, they go to sleep at 10pm.

Only another two nights. I’ll miss them. And I’ll enjoy having my bed back. 

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