NYC Litter or Divine Intervention? aka the Rubber Band Coincidence

So I was out taking pics of real estate for my sidejob. I carry the list of batches of addresses on me, printed out and in a clipboard, clipped at the tops of the papers. I occasionally need to take a picture of the printouts to mark when I am. 

Now, as we all know, air moves around in something we call “wind” and this “wind” can blow paper around. Or at least the side of the papers that aren’t bound in a clipboard. 

Hmmmm… what to do? I KNOW… RUBBER BANDS!!!!

So I grabbed a few rubber bands from my junk drawer. They were pretty thin. After I stretched them a bit, they barely fit around the clipboard.

Green one.  Worked for a bit, then SNAP. Beige one, worked for a while, BUT…  SNAP!

Last green one. Let’s make this one last.


Ok, no what? I can move on but the papers flew up. I looked down and…

BAM. A rubber band was on the ground. Thick and very stretchy. Perfect.

Normally  I don’t pick things up off the sidewalk, but I really felt like I was experiencing divine intervention, like when Perseus received the helmet, shield and sword from Zeus and gods in the original Clash of the Titans movie

Thank you, God/Universe, for putting this in my path to make my job a lot easier.


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